Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Pink Tweak!

I spent the afternoon in Michael's Craft Store last weekend. I walked in for one thing and wandered for a couple of hours. FALL stuff is out! I love fall!! I eagerly await the arrival of all the fall clothes and colourful decorations ....(sigh)...
But enough about that... while browsing I saw something to add to Jess's bedroom lampshade. So cute! Oh... and its PINK!


  1. very very nice...but how did you drill holes for the wiring ?

    btw, just happened on here through a link on the item still available ?

  2. I'm sorry the vanity just sold tonight!
    How did I drill the holes? With LOTS OF PATIENCE...(and a very good diamond drill bit).
    I make these tea cup lamps as well if you are intersted.
    Thanks for stopping by !

  3. I found your blog through a google image search. I was looking for chandeliers and it linked me here. Nice blog! I've looked at everything.
    that chandy is so cute!

  4. Love the Tea cup lamps...I did a couple using minnow buckets cave style...and then did some making no sew ruffle lamp shades so fun..I like even numbers so I thought take your 9 to a 10 and add to your over 2000 followers I will have to come back...still learning a newbie...


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