Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Table

Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table
It was at the request of someone near and dear to me that I agreed to make over this table.
Someone so dear, that he just knew I could never say no to him.
He had recently acquired it in the condition you see below.  I was a little apprehensive as this piece needed to be finished properly and that didn’t mean sanding and slapping some paint on it.  This needed extra special care.
Meet Duncan Phyfe.  Modest in size, worn and slightly abused, yet still very dignified.
Duncan Phyfe before 1
 Duncan Phyfe before 2
Must show all the angles to truly appreciate what this poor bugger went through.
Duncan Phyfe before 3
Started off by using Heirloom Furniture Stripper and two wire brushes.
Duncan Phyfe before 5
As you can see below in this post-makeover picture,  the small brush took a beating.
Duncan Phyfe stripping
I have to say it took multiple applications of the stripper to really get the finish off.
Duncan Phyfe makeover 1
Duncan Phyfe makeover 2
Duncan Phyfe makeover 3
Getting there ..
Duncan Phyfe makeover 4
It was also a pleasant surprise to see that it was coming apart in a few important places.
Duncan Phyfe makeover 5
Now that all the finish has been scraped off as much as possible, time to take him outside for a good sanding.
Duncan Phyfe makeover 6
Duncan Phyfe makeover 7
They picked stain that would match the rest of the furniture they had.  This was a beautiful color.
Duncan Phyfe restained 1
And the best part.. (at least MY favorite part)..
Painting on stain and watching it transform before your eyes.
Duncan Phyfe staining 1
Duncan Phyfe staining 2
This table took 3 coats of stain to darken it to the shade we wanted.  Then it took 3 coats of satin clear finish (sanding between coats) to get a nice smooth finish.
Duncan Phyfe after 1
Duncan Phyfe after 2
Duncan Phyfe after 3
Duncan Phyfe after4
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow - looks great!

  2. Lisa its absolutely stunning!

  3. Its absolutely awesome..

  4. Did you use a pre stain conditioner? I have an old gate leg table I am getting ready to start. I dread stripping all those legs but it will worth it in the end!

    1. No I didn't use it. I have used the conditioner once before, but quite honestly I didn't see much difference. If you sand between staining coats, you wont have a grain issue.


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