Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ensuite Renovation Sneak Peek

I was going to call this Post “My Experience With Two Chucks” but decided against it.

After 9 years in this house we’ve finally come to the end of the renovations.  Well, not exactly the end as we’re smack in the middle of the bathroom reno, but this is the last room in the house to be demolished and put back together.

And what a beaut it was.  When I actually post before and after pictures I’ll surely be ashamed of the before photos.  I put off doing this master bedroom ensuite for obvious reasons.

This.  This right here is the reason.
bathroom before 1

And this.

This big gaping hole is where one huge, useless tub sat.

bathroom before 2
Anyway, here is what I wanted to tell you about my two Chucks.
If you’re doing any kind of small or large project at home where you need a drill.  I have to tell you about this one.
This Switchdriver is awesome.  It has a rotating dual chuck, holding both a screw driver bit and a drill bit.

If your project requires drilling holes and driving screws, this baby will substantially cut your time down.

With some materials, like particle board, MDF and solid woods, skipping drilling the pilot hole can create small cracks and weaken the joint.

That’s where the Switchdriver came in handy.  Between doing this bathroom renovation and my husband making a closet organizer for me, this saved all the time it took to switch bits, especially when working with particle board in the closet.

Here’s a picture of my future Son-in-law using it on the bathroom. This was when he could pry it out of my husbands hands.

worx 1

It comes with two rechargeable 20 volt batteries, one Phillips bit and 2 drill bits.  It’s very light weight and has a built in LED light that illuminates the work area. Oh and something about great  max torque at 350 lbs, (something, really only men understand.)


My husband likes bit bits, and I cannot lie.


Onwards and upwards with the renovations, which I will be posting here soon.  Just took a little time out to mention the newest member of the tool family.

(Hehe.. we’re not a family of tools, just our tools… nevermind.)

Funny thing is, my husband loves the drill, as it was a comfortable fit, easy to use and cuts project time considerably. I'm not sure this feeling will last though, because the quicker the projects are finished, the quicker I find new ones!


  1. It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though.Great Thanks.


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